The Robert M. Hadley Company was established in Los Angeles in 1929. Arthur Hadley became president in 1979, continuing an unflagging commitment to product integrity and dedication to meeting customers' needs, solidifying the Company as the supplier of choice for high reliability custom magnetics. In 1990 the Company moved to Ventura (one hour north of Los Angeles) into a larger facility of 28,000 square feet, its interior designed to maximize production efficiency. In 1993 the Company's majority ownership passed to the next generation who continue the tradition of quality, service and stability.

James Hadley, Chris Waian and Mary Hadley Waian join Arthur Hadley in following the precepts of the Company's founder, Robert, in a tradition of excellence.

Robert M. Hadley Company manufactures custom magnetics and related devices of high quality and reliability. Innovative engineering, proven manufacturing practices and dedication to high quality, characterize a team responsive to customers' needs.

Quality of product is augmented by quality of service. Close cooperation with customers is emphasized. The Company is committed to meeting customers' design, cost, and scheduling needs.

In order to realize its challenging objectives, the Company has fashioned an organization with depth of capability. Engineering experience covers the spectrum from standard designs to creative approaches required by dynamic aerospace technology. Precision tools, instruments, and machinery, combined with a highly skilled and disciplined work force contribute to highly reliable products.

An unswerving dedication to products of the highest quality combined with responsive service, and supported by a remarkable history of stable operations, is the essence of the Robert M. Hadley Company. "The customer is the only real boss," a favored remark of the Company's founder Robert Hadley, has become the basis for customer relations. This is a tradition as appropriate today as for the future.

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